Rental Program

Rental Program

All pool villas will be managed by SAAI Resort and separated into 2 rental packages.

Private Residence zone:(Type A,B,C)

Owners participating in lifestyle rental scheme will have unlimited days stay per year, with the flexibility to include the unit in the package when unoccupied by the owner. Owners are required to give the manager 90 days notice of when the villas would be available to rent out with a minimal rental period of 30 days per time. Owners will be required to use the villa caring services if the owners don’t participate in rental program.

Resort Residence zone: (Type D,E)

Owners participating to join the investment rental package will be entitled to 30 days stay per year outside of blackout dates (during high/peak season) in order to maximize rental returns. All villas are required to join in this package will be top priority of rental.

In addition, owners shall be entitled to 30 days complimentary use of their pool villa (room only, does not include breakfast or personal expenses) per year (terms and conditions apply).

Cash Yield

The villa owners will receive a strong cash yield when rented out while they are away from the resort. On average, the owners use their villas for about 30 days a year so they can expect to get a 4% - 6% cash yield annually subject to prevailing market conditions.

*Yield Projection

Fully Villa Management

Each villa is fully maintained by SAAI resort management team and includes the following management services: Common Area Fees, Villa Caring Package, Furniture Fixed & Equipment, Hotel Amenities, Utilities Charge and Sinking Fund Villa owners are required to pay their annual management fees, ownership costs and sinking fund costs as per the terms and conditions of the management/rental agreement.

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